Getting Started with the Crazy Sexy Diet!

My family and I tried a vegan lifestyle for about 6 months, about 2 years ago, and we really liked it.  I think when people hear “vegan” right away they groan at the idea of eating tofu and Boca burgers every day.  Well, we tried it and we discovered there are so many delicious foods we were missing out on! A vegan diet can be so delicious if, like anything, you have the right recipes. It can also make you feel so much healthier!

The problem I had was that I was only slightly informed, despite all the books I read. Making sure you are getting the proper nutrition can be very overwhelming, no matter what diet you embark on.  Were we getting all the nutrients and vitamins our bodies needed? You know you can be vegan by eating nothing but Oreo cookies?  Also, despite what some may have you believe, cooking vegan meals does take more time, unless you are eating premade veggie burgers every day, which I would NOT recommend.  Fresh is best!

The other problem I had is that we have a few picky eaters in our midst who don’t like certain foods, such as mushrooms.  Trying to come up with a delicious menu with such limited choices can be really daunting and time consuming and I know I don’t have hours to be searching through recipes.

I’m the primary chef in the household, and as my schedule got busier, I found it increasingly difficult to come up with healthy vegan meals, and we gradually found ourselves back in a carnivorous way of eating.

I have always had the goal of returning to the vegan diet. I know that time is required to make this happen and though my time is a rare commodity, my family’s health is a high priority to me!

I knew that reading about healthy lifestyles is always very motivating, so I picked up a new book by Kris Carr, called the Crazy Sexy Diet!

I read through it pretty quickly, as I do with most books, anxious to get started.  I learned so much from this book that I’m excited to try to incorporate it into our every day life.  This book gets into a lot more than a vegan lifestyle. It also suggests trying a gluten-free diet to see if it makes a difference. (While you may not have a serious gluten intolerance such as celiacs, your body still may have some issues with it.) It also talks a lot about a diet that will encourage an alkaline body versus an acidic one.

The book was very motivating, as I had hoped, but now that I’m done with it, I don’t really know where to begin.  This is not the fault of the book. It’s just that it’s such a new way of eating for me.  I have my huge binder of tried and true recipes, and I’m pretty sure, every recipe in there contains meat, gluten or dairy.

When you aren’t used to cutting all those things out of your diet, it can be overwhelming! What do I eat? Will it taste good?

I decided to start this online journal as I journey into this new way of eating. It’s not as easy as picking up a book and making all the recipes in it. (By the way, I also picked up the Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr, which also has a lot of information and yummy looking recipes. I haven’t even read through that one yet, but I already love that she labels her recipes as gluten-free, kid-friendly, how easy and quick they are, soy-free, and raw.) I won’t be sharing any of her copy-written recipes or ideas here, but I will share links to other sites I find helpful along the way.

So that’s about it for now.  I am going to spend the morning trying to come up with a weeks worth of vegan gluten-free meals and I’ll let you know how it goes. I really would like to start tomorrow (Monday) but I’m also realistic that changes like this do take a little time to adjust to.

If you have been successful in making these big changes in your life, I would love to hear your input!


2 thoughts on “Getting Started with the Crazy Sexy Diet!

  1. Thanks for the link! I look forward to reading how it goes for you.

    I recommend the book Vegan in 30 Days as a way to ease into the diet. I know some people can do it cold tofurkey, but I know myself and figured a more lasting change would come from building up a collection of healthy recipes and becoming comfortable with a vegan diet over time. I blogged about the steps, but you should pick up a copy of the book!

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